The Author Add-Ons are Coming

As a big part of my metric for putting things on here is “impact on culture/television,” most of the episodes on here tend to be older, because older things tend to show more impact. It’s also why The Twilight Zone was by far my most nominated show. It’s had time to show how far it’s spread into our media. As such, it was originally designed not to include more recent shows, with very limited exception for shows that managed to impress me sufficiently at the time of this writing, some of which I’ve removed in retrospect. However, after I created this list, a few episodes managed to convince me to go ahead and add them. Rather than re-do the list, I have just supplemented them at the number which I believe they probably would have merited, and they are all within the 20s and 30s, so as not to influence my top 15. As of this writing, there are only 5, so this shouldn’t be too burdensome. Also, I imagine the readership of this to be around 10 people (update: Okay, so, monthly it’s about 500 now… I have no idea what most of you are thinking, but to those of you reading this, thank you!), so anyone complaining can go ahead and tell me directly that my policy has broken their heart. I will console your pain.

In the meantime, enjoy God’s greatest creation

These are not to be confused with the Reader Requests, which are NOT part of the list. They’re just there to reward my fans.

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