The Journey’s End and the Next Step

Well, today is my birthday, and in a few days, it will mark 5 years since my last chemo treatment finished.

In some ways, I still wish I had tried to write the great American novel as my last project, but maybe this list was more… me. I’ve always had a fascination with how pop culture can contain embedded meaning waiting to be analyzed, and going through a list of some of the best moments in pop culture over the last century has been fairly enlightening.

So, for now, the Joker on the Sofa will be moving to intermittent updates. I’ll still be accepting reader episode/movie review requests, because they were fun, and reviewing great things that I see in my private life, but it’ll probably just be 1-3/week. In the meantime, I’ll be re-running the list on Social Media, with some updates and changes.

However, after a brief sabbatical, The Joker on the Sofa will be joined by my brother, who I have dubbed the Grouch on the Couch. While the Joker tried to keep things positive and relatively apolitical, the Grouch on the Couch is… not going to do those things.

So, join me in a month or so for the new and exciting world of:

The Grouch on the Couch’s ABCs.

Starting with: A IS FOR: Leadership.

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