The End of Joke-uary

Well, my New Year’s Resolution was to post 1 article every day in January, so that today’s article, the rhyming Aquaman review, would be the 300th review (and the 328th Post overall, not counting hints and minis).

300 might not seem like a lot, but so far this is almost half a million words. That IS a lot.

I appreciate everyone that has stuck with me this far. For February, I’m going to be going back to the 3-5 times a week schedule, so that my sanity can be recovered. If you have requests, I’ll try to be taking them again (requests are taken through the link in the menu), but other than that I don’t plan on stopping this until I can’t handle it anymore.

Though, I am also trying to start some new stuff now that I have some time to work on side-gigs.

I’m also going to try and review all the Oscar films this month, so… enjoy that.

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