Netflix Review –Touch of Evil: Orson Welles’ Other Masterpiece

Just a reminder: This is still on Netflix. Give it a shot!

The Joker On The Sofa

I admit, the title’s a little off. Welles actually made several amazing films, it just happens that one of them was Citizen Kane. That movie overshadows the rest because it’s usually considered one of the greatest films ever made, if not the greatest. I think that film’s a lot like the works of Shakespeare: You don’t have to love it, or even like it, but if you don’t at least acknowledge how much it shaped the future of the medium, well, then you are just being an asshole. It’s like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis or Psycho or even The Matrix. These are films that contain things so original that they simply didn’t exist before the directors created them. Sure, nowadays they seem obvious, but, at the time of their creation, they were revolutionary.

TouchOfEvil-1KaneMirrors.png Come on, this was 1941. Who the hell would think of this?

But, Citizen Kane‘s not…

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