Reader Bonus: The Butler Did It! (A Bird in the Hand) (Police Squad!)

The Joker On The Sofa

PoliceSquadWinner.jpg This got 6 episodes

This is the worst cancellation in TV history. Some Firefly fans are probably bitching at me right now, some Dead Like Me fans, maybe a Freaks and Geeks aficionado or two, and probably at least one person who felt slighted by there only being 6 episodes of The Winner (the rest of us thought that was too many). But, the fact is, there are only 6 episodes of Police Squad!,  only 4 that got aired, and that’s just not enough, even with the Naked Gun films.

It’s not like they were running low on material or ideas at this point. If anything, the show really was just starting to find its rhythm when it got cancelled. Maybe that’s a something to be held against it, that it took a few episodes to get going, but the truth is it was too far ahead of its…

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