Doctor Who Season 11 – New Year’s Special “Resolution”

The Joker On The Sofa

Okay, remember when I asked in my last review how the new Doctor’s heavier pacifism would handle a villain like the Daleks and said how episode 10 wasn’t the climax that the season needed? Well, apparently they were reading my f*cking mind, because this episode both addresses that issue and provides the climax that I wanted (giggity).


Long ago, in a distant land called England, an army composed of many rival tribes waged a battle against a single, monstrous enemy. After they managed to win, they separated the enemy’s body into three parts. One part was carried to Siberia and another was carried to a tropical island, both buried deep in the ground and guarded by clans of descendants. The last was supposed to be carried to another continent, but a bandit shot the carrier and didn’t bury him, leaving the last piece only slightly under the ground in…

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