88) Homo for the Holidays (Will and Grace)

The Joker On The Sofa

Will and Grace was (and now is again, because we’re out of ideas as a culture) a show about a single Jewish woman (Debra Messing) and her gay best friend and roommate (Eric McCormack), as well as their two borderline insane friends Jack (Sean Hayes) and drunk socialite Karen (Megan Mullally). The two live an upper-middle class New York lifestyle, except that they have an apartment that Jeff Bezos probably couldn’t afford.


As this show was in the 90s, not the 50s, the gay aspects were more accepted, but it was still among the first mainstream shows with an openly gay lead character. By showing Will as being fairly normal for a sitcom lead, the show reminded the audience that, aside from who you date and how the toilet-seat argument works, gay people are basically the same as straight people (Shocker!!!!). However, as if to counter that, Will’s best friend…

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