72) Columbia Pictures doing the Burns and Allen Story (Burns and Allen)

The Joker On The Sofa

George Burns was a funny man, but even he knew that he lucked out when he met Gracie Allen. Actually, it was especially lucky, considering she was applying to be partner with a different comic, and only asked George because of a mix-up. Burns would often say he’d only found one truly funny thing in his career, but fortunately, he was married to her for thirty-eight years.


BurnsAndAllenPresidency Ahead of its time

After being a hit as a Vaudeville act on stage, on film, and on the radio, Burns and Allen got a show on T.V. Not much was different for them, as the act was pretty simple. George was the straight man, Gracie (the character) was the dumbest woman who ever managed to stand upright and, on some occasions, she couldn’t even pull that off too well. Despite this, she ran for President as a marketing stunt in 1940… and…

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