66) The Judgment (The Fugitive)

The Joker On The Sofa

The fugitive has maybe 7 episodes that are relevant to the overall story arc, and that was fine. The plotline really just served to give the writers a character who could move everywhere in secret and adopt whatever alias was necessary.


If you don’t know the plot, it’s this: Richard Kimble (David Janssen) was a doctor whose wife was killed. He said a one-armed man (Bill Raisch) did it. The court didn’t believe him and the jury said guilty. He escaped on his way to prison, and is pursued throughout the series by Lt. Phillip Gerard (Barry Morse) while he tries to prove his innocence and do random heroic acts. Occasionally, Richard will find a hint of the one-armed man, who is just a wandering criminal, but usually the doctor is just trying to stay ahead of the cops. This format meant that even people who didn’t watch the show…

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