64) Divided He Falls (Bewitched)

The Joker On The Sofa

Here’s a summary of Bewitched. A guy, Darren (Dick York/Dick Sargent, but York in this episode), married a freaky hot witch, Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery), and the biggest downside is that her mother, Endora (Agnes Moorehead), is determined to break up their relationship.

BewitchedCastDarren is useless. He was recast at one point, and people constantly joke that no one noticed. In the movie adaptation, he attempted to meta-ruin Will Ferrell’s career. On the other hand, Samantha is relatively charming, and Endora is probably the best part of the show, because a vindictive witch is pretty much an inherently fun character. The problem is, Endora vs. Sam was pretty much all they had to go on. Gary Larson once made a Far Side that showed the writers of Bewitched saying weekly “Hey! How’s this? Endora puts some kind of a curse on Darren, and no one can figure out what the heck…

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