44) The Post-Modern Prometheus (The X-Files)

The Joker On The Sofa

This episode would be higher if Cher hadn’t been unavailable. That’s not just because I like Cher, but because it would have been the huge kick at the end of the episode that would have turned this needle up to 11 (I keep using this term, because I cannot top This is Spinal Tap).

TheXFiles-1Cher.jpg Snap out of it.

The X-Files was a ’90s show. That’s not saying it was on in the ’90s, as much as it shaped the ’90s. It was a show that was a darker sci-fi/supernatural than most networks would display at the time, and it featured over-arching conspiracies that often showed how much faith we put in the Government and the higher powers without ever actually knowing what they are doing behind the scenes. We already were a bit suspicious as a nation after Iran-Contra, but this show really demonstrated exactly how far the government…

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