41) A Charlie Brown Christmas (Peanuts)

The Joker On The Sofa

Some of you may bring up that this is more of a special than an episode of television. Some of you may point out that, in fact, Peanuts was not a TV show. That it was only a series of specials based on a comic strip found in the newspaper, and there weren’t even that many of them, really. Some of you may point out that many of them were made as promotions for events or companies, and thus this entry should be invalid.

Those of you who do that are Dirty Communists.

CharlieBrown-1Stalin The mass-murder kind, not the healthcare and retirement kind.

Peanuts was never a show, true, but it had a huge impact on television, not to mention America, and this was the special that started it all. For the 2 people out there who don’t know Peanuts, here’s the premise: Charlie Brown is a loser. Actually, he’s THE…

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