Reader Request/Hulu Review – Shark Lords: Messed Up, But Funny

I was asked to check out this show about guys trying to bang sharks.


Two extreme sports enthusiast brothers, Braden and Kenneth Rickenbacker (Alex Anfanger and Ditch Davey), decided that sharks have intimidated man for too long. In order to reclaim man’s dominance over the oceans, the pair set out to teach the sharks a lesson. They assemble a team composed of marine biologist Dr. Evelyn Allen (Deb Filler), Kitty the Intern (Hayley Magnus), and Tim Dibbit the Deckhand (Rhys Mitchell), as well as the unseen camera crew to document the expedition, and set out with one goal in mind: To have sex with sharks.

SharkLords - 1Brothers
Don’t let the glasses fool you, he’s an idiot.


First off, this isn’t actually a show on its own. It’s presented on its own on Hulu, but it’s actually just a series of shorts from the show Cake on FXX. It’s the central set of shorts for the second season of the show, but still only about 10 minutes per “episode.” The person who requested this actually surprised me by asking for just the Shark Lords segments, rather than the show Cake. I imagine that’s because it forced me to think about shark sex and my readers sometimes love to torture me. 

SharkLords - 2Crew
These are the supporting characters. They agreed to be on the boat with those two.

This is one of the most bizarre premises I’ve seen for a show and I’m surprised that it has managed to support the 9 segments that have aired so far. It mostly works because of the insane nature of its leads, Braden and Kenneth. They’re both so unbelievably stupid and also dedicated to the idea that having sex with sharks is “dominating” them that it somehow makes you believe their claims that it’s not about any kind of sexual desire. Their charisma also explains how they managed to convince the other three people to go along with it, although Tim is usually shown to not be particularly enthused about the project.

SharkLords - 3Braden
He’s charmingly dimwitted. 

The show is usually pretty funny, although I admit that it’s at its best when it is avoiding any of the actual discussion of having sex with sharks. It’s better to just think about this show as a display of four idiots and Tim, the suffering straight man, as they attempt to do something that is both ridiculous and nearly impossible for reasons that are even more ridiculous. The show’s also at its best when the brothers are trying to explain the premise to “normal” people, who naturally react as if they’re completely insane. 

SharkLords - 4Shark
Nothing to see here.

Overall, this is a very weird show, but since it’s short, you could take a look at it. The last episode airs this coming week. 

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3 thoughts on “Reader Request/Hulu Review – Shark Lords: Messed Up, But Funny”

  1. The actors do a great job in the show and hearing two idiots plans to have sex with a shark is ridiculous, in itself. But I’m having trouble getting past how much they let us know that they will be raping the sharks. They make sure that we understand that they would be forcing the sharks to have sex with them. Too creepy. Also, the comparison to how women can be “hunted” by men who want to assault them is just too great.

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  2. While certainly the Shark Lords show may be an easy target for some, and for various reasons of their own some may be triggered by the premise, I found it to be very well-acted and just plain dumb-funny and at times even hilarious.

    But in my view, what carries the show by the end is that it’s all about HEART –

    The group sticks together and perseveres (even Tim) through it all and learn something; the brothers stick it out together through various horrible events (Kenneth’s previous coma as well as the poisonous blowfish incident, Braden’s loss of his pup and even his legs to the great white, etc.) and it’s all summed up by 1. Kenneth’s admonition for Braden to give up revenge (“What separates us from them is the power to forgive, so are we monsters, or are we men?”) and 2. Braden’s final comment on the entire torrid series of events, “It’s not the gains we make out there that matter most, it’s the gains we make in here” (pointing to his heart).

    The fictional brothers Rickenbacker make us all better people, if we can finally learn to truly forgive each other in the deepest part of our heart of hearts.

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