Hoops: A Complete Air Ball – Netflix Mini-Review

I didn’t think highly enough of this show to really dislike it. 


Ben Hopkins (Jake Johnson) is a high school basketball coach who can’t seem to get a win. His ex-wife Shannon (Natasha Leggaro) is dating his best friend Ron (Ron Funches), his team can’t win to save his life, and the Principal (Cleo King) has informed him that he will soon be terminated if he can’t turn it around. His only hope is to convince Matty (A.D. Miles), a 7-foot-tall teenager to join the team and try to help him change his life. Then, hopefully, Ben can make his way to fame and fortune.

Basketball isn’t your game, Ben. Perhaps we should have a spelling contest?


This show sucks.

I really am going to have trouble pointing out exactly where I think it dropped the ball, because so many talented people were involved in this project that I can’t really be sure. The show was created by Wheeler Walker, Jr., real name Ben Hoffman, a comedian known for doing vulgar country songs, which might account for why much of the humor in the show is apparently supposed to derive from swearing, but Hoffman is usually much more clever than this show. 

Classy motherf*cker.

The voice talent is all quality. Jake Johnson was great as the aged Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Natasha Leggaro was one of the best parts of Ugly Americans, and Ron Funches is hilarious as King Shark on Harley Quinn. All three of them have consistently made me laugh both live and in animation, so it came as a shock that nothing they said in this series was funny. Think about that. Ron Funches was given lines so bland that even his charming delivery couldn’t make them good. Truly, it’s baffling. 


It really seems to come down to the fact that this show pretty much solely goes for being outlandish without being funny. Having casually swearing characters doesn’t inherently make them amusing and, after a bit, they get so repetitive they’re boring. While people may have accused South Park or Family Guy or even The Simpsons of taking advantage of shock humor, time has proven that they clearly had a core of solid humor and a willingness to push the limits. This show doesn’t have that core. It just throws out empty, tired jokes and thinks that adding a f*ck makes them funny again.

This joke could have been funny, instead it fizzled and died.

Overall, I’m sure that there are some people out there who like it, but for the streaming service that brought us BoJack Horseman, this is a massive disappointment. 

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