Two Weeks to Live: It’s Not The End of the World, but She Doesn’t Know It – HBO Max Review

Maisie Williams thinks the time has come for revenge… and hilarity.

SUMMARY (Spoiler-Free)

Kim Noakes (Maisie Williams) was raised in a survivalist compound and has gone out into the world for the first time. She encounters Jay (Taheen Modak) and Nicky (Mawaan Rizwan) at a bar and, determining her to be mostly unaware of the real world, Jay decides to prank her. He generates a fake news story in which the world is going to end in two weeks. Unfortunately, Kim had been taught her whole life that the end is coming, so she immediately believes this and decides to stop trying to seek experiences in the real world and instead to take revenge on the man who killed her father. Before Jay and Nicky can reveal the hoax, Kim is already on her way to hunt down Jimmy (Sean Pertwee), unaware that her mother, Tina (Sian Clifford), is coming to take her back. 

Drinking at a bar is on her bucket list. I can’t tell if that’s sad or apt.


So, you know how Maisie Williams got her start on Game of Thrones as a character who went from being kind of a clueless wannabe to a legitimately badass killer? This show combines those character traits and takes advantage of the fact that Williams has a high level of experience in fight sequences in order to add a level of inherent comedy to the violence. Of course, it helps that Williams is a great actress who can balance both of those traits and, in some of the best scenes, is matched by Sean Pertwee, who can do likewise. If the entire show was just the two bantering and fighting, it would be amazing. Unfortunately, the rest of the show just doesn’t quite match up to it. 

Although Sian Clifford is great.

The humor moves between clever and pointless and the jokes don’t come fast enough to make up the low hit-percentage. While some of them are absolutely great, there are long stretches where you are clearly supposed to be laughing and I thought it just felt stagnant. Many of the lines between Jay and Nicky, in particular, just don’t seem to be as clever as the authors clearly intended. Most of the subplots aren’t great, particularly the ones that try to flesh out the “mystery” of the series that, frankly, isn’t that compelling. Thankfully, the scenes with Sian Clifford are pretty good and help break up the monotony. 

Great banter.

Overall, it’s not the show that it could be, but it’s worth watching just to see Maisie Williams spout awkward one-liners while kicking ass. 

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