The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again: Vanessa Hudgens Demands All The Parts – Netflix Review

There’s the princess, the pauper (who is now a princess), and the evil twin of the princess. Because why not?

SUMMARY (Spoiler-Free)

It’s been two years since Stacy the Baker (Vanessa Hudgens) switched places with Margaret the Princess of Montenaro (Also Vanessa Hudgens) and ended up falling in love with Prince Edward Wyndham (Sam Palladio) and becoming a princess herself. Margaret is now set to become Queen, but the stress has put a halt to her relationship with Stacy’s former partner Kevin (Nick Sagar), much to the chagrin of Kevin’s daughter Olivia (Mia Lloyd). Margaret wishes to fix this with Stacy’s help, unaware that there is also a plot by one of Margaret’s cousins, Fiona (Vanessa Hudgens) to steal the royal coffers. 

The evil one. Or, at least scheming.


I genuinely didn’t expect a sequel to this movie, but I really didn’t expect the second film to use “there’s actually a THIRD identical person” as the plot device. I now hope they keep this going until we get to Princess Switch 8: Kansas City Royals, in which Vanessa Hudgens plays 9 different roles and the princesses are forced to start a baseball team in order to avoid an economic crisis. 

Let’s do this, Netflix.

If you liked the first movie, you’ll probably like this one. It’s still got a cute Christmas romance, only this time it’s focused on Margaret and how she is having legitimate problems keeping a social life due to her duties. The plot about Fiona keeps everything a little more tense, particularly when the switches start getting a bit out of control, but you ultimately know that everything is going to end up fine because that’s how these movies go. It does have some fun scenes and Vanessa Hudgens clearly loves playing characters who are pretending to be other characters. She goes really over-the-top at times and that’s what we need for this kind of film. 

Mia Lloyd continues to be the adorable kid character.

Overall, it was an okay sequel. I also like that they bring back the magical guy who helps with romance in the first one.

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