Helluva Boss (Episodes 0-3): This is Damned Funny – YouTube Review

I take a look at a YouTube series about a group of demonic assassins.


Blitzo (the o is silent)(Brandon Rogers) is the head of I.M.P., the Immediate Murder Professionals. They’re a group of assassins that operate out of Hell through a portal to the human realm. Essentially, if you are in Hell and have the money, you can take revenge upon the living. Blitzo is accompanied by married couple Moxxie and Millie (Richard Steven Horowitz and Erica Lindbeck/Vivian Nixon) and his adopted hellhound daughter Loona (Lindbeck). Despite the fact that they are generally dysfunctional and incompetent, they still manage to do a decent job of murdering the living in hilariously over-the-top ways. 

The character design is just damned fun.


If you missed it back in 2019, artist Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano posted the unique pilot for a show called “Hazbin Hotel” on her YouTube channel. It was an incredible work of twisted art and disturbed humor that has since been picked up for production but not debuted yet. However, shortly after that, she posted a second, shorter, pilot for a show set in the same universe. That one was called, you guessed it, Helluva Boss. That one was also picked up and has started airing on Medrano’s YouTube channel and we are all the better for it. 

A lot of the humor in this show comes from the fact that this group of killers are basically a massively dysfunctional family. Blitzo is way too involved in Moxxie and Millie’s lives, constantly berates Moxxie, and treats Loona like she’s his precious baby despite the fact that she does almost no work and often abuses her co-workers. Moxxie is massively insecure while Millie is mostly aloof. However, all of these traits are taken to the point of absurdity and it’s more naturally believable because they’re not human. The supporting characters are likewise over-the-top because, well, they’re almost all in Hell and thus had exaggerated qualities. 

And sometimes they’re just an odd office group.

The other big source of humor in the show is the ridiculous ultraviolence that regularly ensues and the dark jokes that come from it, like being paid to murder a child and questioning the morality only to find out that the kid’s an asshole and seemingly has it coming. The show has a ton of dirty jokes and sexual humor as well as some solid references (including being the second animated show to use Dan Harmon’s horrifying phrase “cum gutters”). I find it consistently hilarious. 

And sometimes it’s just playing out the idea that there is a hell that can come to Earth.

Overall, I love this show. There are only three episodes and a pilot so far, but they’re all free on YouTube. Check them out and Hazbin Hotel as well.

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