Sexify: Poles Know Sexy Times – Netflix Review

Poland brings us a series about women trying to help women.


Natalia (Aleksandra Skraba) is a nearly asexual computer programming student who is trying to develop an app that optimizes sleep. After being told by her professor, Mr. Krynicki (Wojciech Solarz), that her idea, while well-crafted, isn’t “sexy” enough, she looks for a new project. After being overwhelmed by her neighbor Monika’s (Sandra Drzymalska) constant sex with strangers and seeing her religious best friend Paulina’s (Maria Sobocińska) issues with her fiance Mariusz (Piotr Pacek), Natalia and the two other women join together to create an app that helps women achieve better orgasms.

Shockingly, the nerd is the one with the headphones and the flannel shirt. Because stereotypes.


Unlike many shows that start off with some sexy shots to hook the audience, this show keeps the nudity and sexuality coming until the finale. However, it uses the nudity just as often to drive home the point that not all nudity is inherently sexual as it does to titillate. I appreciate that it does try to make a point that a refusal to discuss sex openly, despite the fact that sex is everywhere, hurts people. The show reminds me a bit of the series Sex Education in that it has a main character who is on the asexual spectrum but also is trying to help the sexuality of other people improve. Natalia comes off as someone whose asexuality may derive more from her inability to have normal social interactions than from a lack of sexual desire. Monika and Paulina, while they are both sexual, have separate issues. Monika, while she has sex constantly, can’t orgasm without thinking of her cheating ex-boyfriend, and Paulina’s religious beliefs make it almost impossible for her to have an honest conversation with her fiancee about their sexual issues. It helps give the show an opportunity to address a number of issues organically.

It’s kind of ridiculous that the sleep optimization wasn’t “sexy” enough. Sleep 3 hours and done? Awesome.

The show also makes a point of talking about how women face extra challenges when it comes to sexuality because, frankly, a lot of men just don’t care about their orgasms. Hell, it was a fairly common joke on sitcoms in the 1990s for men to believe that women couldn’t orgasm. Even if the gag was that people were ridiculous for thinking that, it still had to be based on the fact that some men really believed that. So, the idea that someone could make an app to try and show women ways to improve their sex life seems pretty reasonable.

Also, custom printing dildos is probably also a thing.

The performances are solid. I think the dialogue was a little weak, but, as the show is subtitled from Polish, some of the wordplay might have been lost in translation. It’s a little slow at times, but in general it moves along at a decent pace. 

Subtitled does not mean subtle.

Overall, pretty decent show. Just don’t expect it to be a wild sex romp.

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