Rick and Mondays – S3E2 “Rickmancing the Stone”

The Joker On The Sofa

Rick and Morty meets Mad Max in this deconstruction of the post-apocalypse.


The episode begins with Rick (Justin Roiland), Morty (Justin Roiland), and Summer (Spencer Grammer) returning from an adventure and greeting a newly-divorced Jerry (Chris Parnell). Morty seems disappointed with his dad’s behavior and Summer chooses to ask Rick for an adventure in order to avoid talking to Jerry. Rick obliges and Morty follows, leaving Jerry to be called a loser by the wind.

S3E2 - 1Wind Any way the wind blows, doesn’t really matter… because nihilism.

In another dimension, Rick, Morty, and Summer are driving away from a huge army of Mad Max: Fury Road-esque wasteland scavengers in vehicles because Rick seeks to steal a small shard of Isotope 322, a glowing green rock. While Rick is ready to leave after acquiring the shard, Summer stops running to murder the leader of the marauders. The other marauders, revealed to…

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Rick and Mondays – S3E1 “The RickShank RickDemption”

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Season 3 kicks off with a game-changing bang… that tells us the game isn’t changing.


It’s been a few months since the Second Season Finale and Rick (Justin Roiland)  is being interrogated by the Galactic Federation’s top agent Cornvelious Daniel (Nathan “Firefly Was A Masterpiece” Fillion) inside of a fake reality that exists in Rick’s brain. Rick quickly sees through the ruse and reveals that he is actually capable of making alterations to the interrogation scenario when he changes Cornvelious Daniel’s coffee into a farting butt. Despite that, Cornvelious Daniel tries to convince Rick to show him the secret to interdimensional portal technology by giving him the chance to relive his last memory of his wife. Rick agrees to take him there, but they stop for McDonald’s Mulan Szechuan McNugget Sauce along the way, because it only exists in his memory.

S3E1 - 1Delicious.png The image that launched a thousand…

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40) No Rest for the Wicked (Supernatural)

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As I said yesterday, this is the first episode (aside from the bonuses) that I wrote after chemo. Yay.


Sometimes what makes an episode amazing is when the people making the show know the rules for scriptwriting, and intentionally avoid them. Supernatural does this pretty often, but never have they taken as sharp a divergent turn as in this episode.

The premise of Supernatural has changed slightly over the years. In the beginning, the show was about two brothers on the road finding supernatural monsters and phenomenon while trying to find their father. Since then, the show has had to escalate multiple times, and what was once a show where the presence of a single demon was a season-long arc has become a show where the main characters regularly kill demons, angels, and various gods. They’ve managed to prevent the apocalypse, kill the mother of all monsters, kill…

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41) A Charlie Brown Christmas (Peanuts)

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Some of you may bring up that this is more of a special than an episode of television. Some of you may point out that, in fact, Peanuts was not a TV show. That it was only a series of specials based on a comic strip found in the newspaper, and there weren’t even that many of them, really. Some of you may point out that many of them were made as promotions for events or companies, and thus this entry should be invalid.

Those of you who do that are Dirty Communists.

CharlieBrown-1Stalin The mass-murder kind, not the healthcare and retirement kind.

Peanuts was never a show, true, but it had a huge impact on television, not to mention America, and this was the special that started it all. For the 2 people out there who don’t know Peanuts, here’s the premise: Charlie Brown is a loser. Actually, he’s THE…

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42) Farewell, Mr. Hooper – Episode 15.4 (Sesame Street)

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Sesame Street, the show, is what happens when people love children enough to try and help them grow up into better people… if that person has puppetry skills that have reached the point where puppets are no longer creepy. Jim Henson did not technically create Sesame Street, but he’s the reason you know what it is. When asked, Henson was more than willing to support the goals of the show: To promote the education of children. In fact, Sesame Street was the first children’s show to actually study the effects of educational television programming, largely to reevaluate and reconstruct the show to increase the impact. In short, Sesame Street wanted to teach kids stuff, while entertaining them with Muppets. While some of the Muppets would also try to work in some more adult fare later, the Street remains for kids (though some of their recent parodies, while still…

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43) Marge vs. the Monorail (The Simpsons)

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Okay, this is probably still my favorite Simpsons episode to re-watch. It’s also the episode that best defines the city of Springfield and the exact level of blind idiocy that permeates the town.  It was written by Conan O’Brien, who knows something about comedy, I’m told.

TheSimpsonsMvM-1ConanOBrien.jpg And about contract negotiations.

Quick Recap: The main characters of the show are the fat, lazy, idiot father Homer (Dan Castellaneta); his wife who definitely could have done better Marge (Julie Kavner); his prankster (and later sociopath) son Bart (Nancy Cartwright); brainy daughter Lisa (Yeardley Smith); baby Maggie; and the city of Springfield (hundreds of characters at this point).

TheSimpsonsMvM-2Family.jpg This show will apparently never die.


If you haven’t seen The Music Man, you should. If you don’t like musicals then just see this episode, because it’s almost as good and over 2 hours shorter. The setup for the episode is that Mr…

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44) The Post-Modern Prometheus (The X-Files)

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This episode would be higher if Cher hadn’t been unavailable. That’s not just because I like Cher, but because it would have been the huge kick at the end of the episode that would have turned this needle up to 11 (I keep using this term, because I cannot top This is Spinal Tap).

TheXFiles-1Cher.jpg Snap out of it.

The X-Files was a ’90s show. That’s not saying it was on in the ’90s, as much as it shaped the ’90s. It was a show that was a darker sci-fi/supernatural than most networks would display at the time, and it featured over-arching conspiracies that often showed how much faith we put in the Government and the higher powers without ever actually knowing what they are doing behind the scenes. We already were a bit suspicious as a nation after Iran-Contra, but this show really demonstrated exactly how far the government…

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