Grouch on the Couch

Here are the “Reviews” from the Grouch on the Couch. Most of these are more rants or fan analysis than traditional reviews, though.

Films (Alphabetical):

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
Cabin 28: The Worst Movie Ever
Inception: The Movie that Calls Us Idiots

These are done whenever he feels like it, so don’t expect a lot of updates.

The ABCs

A is for Adventure Time and Abe Lincoln: A Primer on Leadership

Read the whole thing here, or by parts:

Part 1: A Very Strange Election Day
Part 2: Alternate Tracks- On Leadership and Trolleys
Part 3: Abraham Lincoln and Leading for the Long Run
Part 4: A-holes and Atreides – How many can you handle?
Part 5: Some German Guy and a Pig
Part 6: Marcus Aurelius and the Guide to Picking a Good Leader

Expect one of these about every 4-6 weeks. Or whenever he feels like it.