Joker on the Sofa Reviews

Welcome to Joker on the Sofa Reviews. Below is the archive of the movie, television, book, and other miscellaneous reviews requested by readers. If you haven’t seen the 100 Greatest Television Episodes of All Time page, however, I recommend checking that out first.

Films (Alphabetical):

13 Demons
The Barbarians (1987)
Batman Ninja
Bed of the Dead
Birdemic: Shock and Terror
Evil Toons
The Fisher King
The Flight of Dragons
“I Hit it First” music video
Kim Kardashian: Superstar
The Monster Squad
Reefer Madness (Non-Musical)
Reefer Madness (Musical)

Holiday Specials:

Greatest Valentine’s Day Episodes
Greatest Groundhog Day Episodes
Greatest St. Patrick’s Day Episodes
Greatest Easter Episodes of All Time
Greatest April Fools Day Episodes of All Time
The Grouch on the Couch’s Mothers Day Awards

TV Episodes/Shows (Alphabetical by Show):

Josh and Aika (90 Day Fiance)
Riverboat (The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.)
Fly (Breaking Bad)
Cobra Kai: Strike First, Strike Hard, Be Awesome (Spoiler-Free)
Heaven Sent (Doctor Who)
Exo Squad Episodes 1-5 (Exo Squad)
Door Jam (Frasier)

The Battle of the Bastards (Game of Thrones)
Dance Dance Resolution (The Good Place)
The Butler Did It (A Bird in the Hand) (Police Squad!)
Fighting Cage (Renegade)
Heart of Evil (Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated)
Chain of Command (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Sub Rosa (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
People Who Live in Brass Hearses (Tales from the Crypt)
The Sad Tale of Henry (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)

Firefly Fridays:

Ep. 1 – “Serenity”
Ep. 2 – “The Train Job”
Ep. 3 – “Bushwhacked”
Ep. 4 – “Shindig”
Ep. 5 – “Safe”
Ep. 6 – “Our Mrs. Reynolds”
Ep. 7 – “Jaynestown”