86) The Edge (Gargoyles)

The Joker On The Sofa

Gargoyles was a dark kids’ show. Dark in both its characters (the good guys were mistaken for demons frequently) and its themes. The Gargoyles were a set of monstrous beings that slept as statues during the day, and fought crime at night. They had previously been frozen by magic for a millennium, waking up in 1990s New York, and regularly interacted with gods, super-scientists, crazed hunters, and various immortals, many of whom were fantastic characters, both literally and figuratively. However, the show often used these creations as parts of a deeper metaphor. For example, two characters are each immortal unless one kills the other, at which time they both will die. They represent the unending cycle of vengeance: You cannot take it without forfeiting yourself. Oh, and one of them is Macbeth. Yes, the one from Shakespeare. Also history, kinda.


One reason the show was so good was that it…

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